Imogen Ainsworth


I spent a lot of my childhood running (literally) late. Combined with being very competitive, this meant that I ended up doing well at a school cross country race when I was 13 and being picked for the team. The rest, as they say, is history. I ran at University in the UK, was offered a scholarship to run at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque (for a sun-deprived Brit this was an easy sell.) While at college, I met my now husband, ran a bit more (and did some work) back in the UK while I waited a tediously long time for a visa and eventually ended up in Durango by way of Salt Lake City. I thought running a marathon was massive until I moved here and met a bunch of crazy people who convinced me that running more than a marathon was a perfectly normal thing to do. I also discovered that it's easy to want to run a long way when you have miles of trails on your doorstep. I completed my first ultra in 2017 and have at least one more planned for 2018.

Favorite Place to Run

Too many... Test tracks at lunch time / Sedona, AZ / Albuquerque, NM Bosque trails / Hyde Park, London, UK / Ashton Court, Bristol, UK

Races and Adventures Planned for 2018

Jemez 50k hopefully some trail explorations during a 10 day trip to the Alps in June Kennebec Mountain Run Imogene Pass Run.


Ran for Great Britain under 23 at European Champs in 2010 ran for UNM track/cross country 2011-2013 (16.27 5k, 4.25 1500, 10.27 3k s/c,) 7th in English National XC Champs and represented England in cross country 2015 2017: Boston Marathon 1st Narrow Gauge 10m 1st Kennebec Pass Run 2nd Imogene Pass Run, joint 1st (technically 2nd by less than 0.5s) Dead Horse Ultra 50k